are a Vessel




Stagnate water is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria

demystifies under the counter and common filter systems

Elimates mould build up
by being easy to take apart and clean

Reduces waste

Works to filter AND restructure water

There are three ways chemicals can enter our water system

First, they can be obtained from medical waste and microplastics that leak into the water.

Secondly, rainwater gathers all of the toxins from the air and environment, including pesticides from farms and carries them downstream. Contraceptives, and cleaning fluids also find their way back into our water supplies.

And thirdly, the chemicals that are used to make our water safe to drink by killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms are left in the water once the treatment has finished

Its time to look at how
water likes to be treated

Natural purification technologies take gravity into account and they consider the way water slowly percolates through multi-layers of rock and soil in the Earth. Water is a conductor and it picks up on energies, frequencies, good vibes and bad vibes just like we do.

At Endless Rhythm - Treating water better is alot like how we would like to be treated ourselves. Restoring water back to how its found in nature and RE-OGANISING the molecules into a beautiful flow form pattern.

This helps the water to stay cleaner and fresher, not simply to purify it but to revitalize it as well so that it could then support living processes.

Drinking water which is organised into a flow form creates less surface tension, allowing it to readily become absorbed into our skin more more easily and more hydrating as a result!